Twitter is a unique space where words collide with your thoughts

Words and thoughts have the ability to transform your mindset. At this moment, ask yourself one question:

Do you think positively or negatively?

I met a phenomenal woman known as, “Business Bae”yesterday on Clubhouse. Our authentic connection through words led us to host a room on Clubhouse about Twitter. This interaction transformed our minds about Clubhouse and Twitter. Her gift went beyond her words. My thoughts went beyond my thoughts. The thoughts that circulated in our minds took us to a place where we could forge a journey alongside one another. As she continued to speak, the room was in awe of her mind. Could we create a unique bond that would enable us to grow on Clubhouse and Twitter?

Well, it starts with a unique message. All July, my team and I are coming from a place of service not sales. In fact, I believe everyone can reach their goals by sharing their experience instead of their expertise. This is a mindset that starts with how you own your thoughts and words.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

I believe that Twitter is the right platform to use when expressing yourself as a black or brown creative. There are many ways to distribute information on that platform. Just think about how Twitter has transformed sports, politics, and fashion. These industries continue to flourish because of words and thoughts that are expressed on Twitter. I’ve always been into two things as a writer and entrepreneur: sports and my mindset. These are spaces that provide competition, teamwork, sacrifice, dedication, and motivation. These attributes make a strong mindset.

I’ve decided to cultivate my own space with Twitter and Clubhouse by utilizing words across different social media platforms. I’m forging a path over the next 31 days with creatives like “Business Bae.” If our message resonates with you then feel free to reach out on Twitter. We are ready to utilize Twitter as a unique communication channel where people can acknowledge our work. However, as creatives we must protect our work too. Social media is a unique space. People can tear you down and build you up. Forge your path with the right people! Bring them together in one common and safe place.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

It’s incredible how much can be said in 140 characters or less. What if you could take those feelings into another dimension? What if you had more time to explore your thoughts? That’s where we’re headed with our new community. Welcome to an interactive space where your words are free. This space is called “NewEraCopy.” We want to transform people’s thoughts above the clouds with authenticity so they can open their mind to new ideas and possibilities.

NewEraCopy Facebook Group is now open!

Jerreme is a content writer that transforms words into long-lasting relationships. He writes about his experience repurposing content on social media platforms.