You have control over your thoughts, decisions, and actions. As you evolve, opportunities will be presented to you as a creative or innovator. It’s your responsibility to take your life in your own hands. Grab opportunities as if you were on your last breath. This life is never promised. We have to tell our truth and live our story. Create an experience and forge a path. Are you ready?

A story can start with a word. The way you say or feel about that word can provoke emotion. If you put together a collection of words that represented your life, would it make sense? Go ahead, take a second to think about it as we move forward.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Now, think about one word. How does that one word make you feel? Let that word take over your mind. A collection of words can confuse the reader. It’s how you present your words as a story that creates clarity. This is the start of a phenomenal experience that I call life. You have to give your reader an experience that reflects your passion or purpose.

My goal is to help your turn your story into a lifestyle. How? By taking your words and giving them a voice. In my eBook, “The Authority of Microcopy,” I talk about the power of your voice. There is authority in your narrative. The ability to speak and be heard is one thing. However, it’s up to you to see if people are listening to what you’re saying?

Do you remember that one word I asked you about earlier? Alright, take that one word and let’s develop a thought to reflect on your life. Your words and thoughts have so much power within your story. The question is, will you take control of that power in your life? As you develop a thought using one word, think about the emotion you want to convey. Make your reader feel something that is irreplaceable in your story. Let them see you in a different light because it’s your time to shine. Believe in what you say and how you say it because you never know who is listening! Checkout my new eBook below to see how you can own your voice and write your narrative.

Jerreme is a content writer that transforms words into long-lasting relationships. He writes about his experience repurposing content on social media platforms.