As an entrepreneur, do you really know what mistakes to avoid in 2021? I’ll admit, I’m still learning and have been doing so for the past thirty (30) years of my life. When I think about how I can avoid mistakes in 2021, I think about my infamous slogan. Less words for more impact. I’m more inclined to listen in 2021. I’ve learned to structure my words as a platform for the voice of my audience. I want them to speak to me as I listen. These are the mistakes I think you should avoid as an entrepreneur in 2021.

Stop rambling when talking to a client or customer. You don’t need 10–15 minute to discuss your business because then it becomes a rant. Focus on obtaining your audience’s attention by saying less. When you meet your ideal client or customer, have them speak as much as possible. They will tell you how they feel or what they think about your vision. You can get to this point by pitching your business the right way. There is a method to the madness! Alright, next up is a major mistake to avoid in 2021!

The next mistake that most entrepreneurs make when pitching their business is using “sales language.” Nobody wants to be sold on your products or services. Make them feel welcomed when they decide to invest in your business or brand. Tell a story that lights up their day! A story is a unique way to grab attention the attention of your audience and build relationships.

Use less words for more impact to build rapport with your audience. Show them you mean what you say and show up at all times. Effort beats talent! Start with your elevator pitch. Be clear, direct, and intentional. Most entrepreneurs give a lengthy introduction and refuse to let their ideal client or customer speak. This leads to my last mistake to avoid in 2021.

Stop overstaying your welcome! Listen to your ideal client or customer. They will welcome you into their space to speak or hear what they need. However, when you take that moment to make it all about you then you will lose your ideal client or customer. Take the moment to listen. Hear what your audience has to say because they will let you know what their pain points if you let them. Listening can give you everything you need to know to serve.

Structuring less words for more impact will put you in the position to listen. Your words have the power to get you in trouble too, remember that as an entrepreneur! Just to recap, don’t make the mistake of ranting on about yourself, avoid sales language, and listen before you will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

Allow your words to fit your audience like a glove. Listen to their pain points as if they were affecting you directly. Truth be told, their pain is your pain. If they don’t feel comfort then how will your audience invest in your vision. There are a lot of entrepreneurs out here making mistakes. Don’t make mistakes in 2021, learn lessons! Most of you think words come in a “one-size fits all” section. You believe you have the option to choose what best fits you as the founder and CEO. That’s a mistake! That’s the wrong mindset to have when you are creating your brand skyscraper!

Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

When you meet the right target audience, start by introducing yourself. Like a firm handshake, let your presence be known as you guide them to your brand skyscraper. Use your words to provoke emotion. Make them feel welcomed! Then, provide a purpose for your audience to grab onto as they enter your skyscraper. Lead your audience on a tour with powerful words. Make your audience believe in what you have to say while giving them the power to see your vision. Does that make sense, no? Book a FREE consultation with me and we can discuss all the details soon!

Here’s a BONUS TIP! Always repurpose your content. A great way to announce your presence on multiple platforms is by repurposing your content for your new audience. Understand, your target audience will be different on various platforms. As you start to move forward, discuss the pain points that your audience might be experiencing in your content. Then, breakdown that content into powerful bit-sized pieces of information. Allow your audience time to explore the information you provide. They will find value and insight if it’s formatted correctly. Always find ways to mold, shift, and shape your audience’s perspective as you present your expertise.

When it comes to micro content, I’ve learned how to curate attention by using powerful words. My elevator pitch takes my audience up to the top floor in my brand skyscraper. I allow my audience to explore my products and services on a daily basis. How? By staying consistent and adding quality to the community I serve. My elevator pitch aids me in my ultimate goal of service with a passion to create solutions. As we end 2020, have you thought about your plans for 2021? Do you know how to utilize an elevator pitch properly?

There are different forms of micro content that will allow you to avoid costly mistakes. An elevator pitch is one of those forms of micro content. While an elevator pitch can be created in written or verbal format, it’s up to you to execute on the attention or engagement you receive from your audience! Do you believe that audiences can consume written, audio, and visual micro content just as much as macro content. My goal is to help you bridge the gap between your micro and macro goals. We often think big without paying attention to the small details. However, if you let me and the brand team at NUMAG ATLANTA help you turn your vision into reality with branding, marketing, developmental strategies, and micro content then you’ll be set for a prosperous 2021!

It’s your turn to create a unique brand with a team dedicated to seeing you win no matter what happens. When you are able to focus on your own lane, you will be able to increase the attention you receive. As you continue to communicate with your audience, take them on a journey behind the value you add with the micro strategies of powerful information that transform lives.

Are you ready to build your brand skyscraper?

Jerreme is a content writer that transforms words into long-lasting relationships. He writes about his experience repurposing content on social media platforms.