Have you thought about the words that represent your brand or business lately? There are so many industry experts emphasizing structures, strategies, and automation today. There’s a unique way to go from micro to macro. When you think big, start with building a foundation. Before you automate your structure or strategies, be clear on your vision. Choose the right words to convey that vision. Then, write the right words to describe that vision. Understand, words are a form of currency. I’m here to help you cash out!

My Micro Content Strategist brand has created a unique perspective on technical communication for the black community. Why the black community? Well, the majority of my black counterparts fail to articulate themselves (including myself at times). Now, I’m on a mission to learn how to to apply theory and practice to apply accurate knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, it’s essential to have a unique structure in place to execute the right strategies. That’s a priority for our black community. However, startups led by small, black-owned businesses are not conveying the essence of their brand narrative. We’re not helping our ideal customers or clients see the vision we have from our unique identity.

Make no mistake, our black communities have the power to cultivate a new era all around the world! The mistake we make is going into business ventures without the correct elevator pitch. We don’t choose our words, we ramble and hope for the best. The right elevator pitch will position your brand. Your words will give you an opportunity behind what the mind can imagine. The right elevator pitch allows you to build the right brand skyscraper that your community will admire. Before you know it, they will want to invest in your brand no matter the cost.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

For example, the right elevator pitch uses less words for more impact. Your words put your business in front of 30 eyes instead of 10 eyes. You receive double the impact for less time when you implement my business model. It’s the perfect combination of practice and application. The way you are thinking about words for your business is all wrong. It’s a 50/50 street where marketing/branding and communication meet. At the intersection of this street are your words. If you can’t articulate what your business does and why your community should invest in it immediately then you have lost their interest. This is when micro content comes into play.

The concept, “micro content” stems from “micro-learning.” The idea here is that the majority of us all learn in small bits of time. So, why not maximize that time with the right words that compliment the problem your business is solving? This is when you need a micro content strategist like me. My eBook walks you through 2020.

We see platforms like: “TikTok” and “Twitch” fighting for supreme attention. Short videos all over the world make stars over night. Technology has prohibited our generation from doing one thing. Working hard! Everything is accessible on the internet. Why not make your business model easy to identify, define, and articulate to the masses? How? It starts with less words for more impact! This important concept will enable you to increase your community and engagement in less time. Don’t get left behind by having outdated copy that represents your business!

Jerreme is a content writer that transforms words into long-lasting relationships. He writes about his experience repurposing content on social media platforms.